Prostitution: A History of Attitudes Towards Hookers

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  1. Kevin says:

    Anything on the Buddhist view of prostitution?

    • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne says:

      I found this: “Roughly speaking, there are two types of prostitutes: (1) those forced into prostitution by poverty or social deprivation and (2) those who choose to do it because they feel it is a convenient and easy way to make money. This first type of prostitute is called a harlot (vesiyà) or a streetwalker (bandhakã) in the Buddhist scriptures while the second type is called a courtesan (gaõikà or nagarasobhinã). The intention of the first is probably just to survive and is, therefore, kammically far less negative than the second whose motive might be greed, laziness or lack of self-respect. The first is not willingly involved in wrong livelihood while the second clearly is.”

      However, I’m unable to confirm this without a better study of prostitution in India. Thailand definitely seems to work.

      • Kevin says:

        Any info on the situation in ancient or medieval Sri Lanka? The above thing being the Buddhist view it may have been negative.

        • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne says:

          Look up Kasyapa’s harem. It wasn’t all that negative.
          That said, most of Lankan history is from the Mahavamsa, which is an obviously biased record.

  2. Loved this one! Thanks for the info that we wouldn’t have otherwise read. Also, kudos on supporting “alternative” career choices 😀 I mean after all, not all women have what it takes to have sex with multiple partners AND get paid for it. It’s easier said than done, haha. #GirlPower

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