Decriminalizing homosexuality in Sri Lanka: Problems

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  1. b2K says:

    Bro, labels are the problem! Us wanting to wear our statuses on our sleeve is the cause of our troubles worsening to the point they turn to war.

    Look at it this way. Even though the government decriminalizes and legalizes homosexuality (& marriage) but your parents, loved ones etc. are unwelcoming about it then your still screwed, dont u think so?
    Best method of handling such issues is by listening/living to/by The Slim Shady LP-track 15 and if that doesnt work switch to track 20. This is how I handle gym-going, pussy-whipped, metrosexual baxtards who cant dress themselves without the aid of their mothers/sisters/girlfriends but have the nerve to criticize my swagger of skinny-baggy-unorthodox-weirdness.

    As for religion and culture, best thing is to create your own (based on what u like) and be proud about it. Evolve.

    If all fails yell #DieHomoSapienDie & perform a full-spectrum attack leaving none alive O_o
    too rash?

    • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne says:

      Yeah, you’re screwed if your society isn’t okay with it. Which is why I have that religion point. Take away reasons for society to hate it. Decriminalization is going to happen only later.
      The rest of your comment is weird and I want to know whether you’re smoking that Slim Shady LP instead of listening to it.

      • b2K says:

        yea…about that Slim Shady shit…..xD
        i like the theme of the blog, alchemist.

        Just to bring relevance to the topic which i clearly and cleverly deviated from, how many people you have come to know are okay with the LGBTQ movement? has your positive outlook on the LGBTQ issue influenced naysayers into yes-men?

        Im not trying to spark anything or create trouble and clutter the comments section (like i do with most of colombo 7). I’m just compiling stuff to prove a point to a bunch of ppl I’ll sooner or later have to deal with whose pastime (present & future) is stereotyping everyone they know or come into contact with.

        • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne says:

          I sort of understand where you’re coming from. I think overall it will take at least a decade for the naysayers to become yes-men, no matter what happens.

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