28/3/2017: Setting up this website

Progress. I’ve finally finished setting up yudhanjaya.com.

After many hours clicking around, I’ve come back to WordPress and the Sanse theme by the excellent Sami Keijonen. The reasons are two-fold; one, if I am to be an author in a sustainable way, I need to reduce spending – and that means no fancy $75 WordPress themes until the books make something.

Secondly, I want a clean reading experience. A fancy portfolio site is nice, but I really want whoever reads the site to have decent fonts, good use of whitespace, minimal distractions, and a page that loads in around 2 seconds. Sanse with Comet Cache gets me to 2.3 seconds.

Of course, there is a fine line between having a website and being a marketer. As a marketer, I can’t deny the effectiveness of a fancy site with good graphics and an easy CTA (call to action) – maybe with a free ebook perched on the cover. Reader magnets, right?

But there is in me also a distaste for such things, a prideful creature that believes that good work should stand for itself. And something that says I should be writing rather than designing better websites.

I know that’s not how the world works. This is a compromise. The book is on the front page; there’s an about section that I’ve tried to keep simple; there are CTAs. There are no fancy animations, slick videos or self-quotes. Instead, the plan is to chronicle things of interest. And it reads well, is simple to maintain and loads very fast.


Now comes the work of moving some content from icaruswept,com (my former blog) to this one. Icaruswept was always about Sri Lanka and politics, but over time, I’ve published a few short stories (A Man Died Yesterday, Maradana Rain) etc and other pieces there. They never belonged there – now they have a space.

Medium.com/numbercaste will mirror the /discussions I write here – longform thoughts, mostly on tech phenomena. If I can curate other futurism pieces from Medium, that’s excellent.

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