The Infinity War Update

So I got to see the Infinity War two days before the official premier here in Sri Lanka.

Infinity War is … one of the greatest superhero movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a marvel (pun intended). Not just in visuals, but storytelling. In Thanos it creates a villain so humanized he’s up there with Hannibal Lecter for me. It brings together 10 years of storytelling without missing a beat. It keeps its humor even in the grimmest of situations while not taking away any of the emotional weight of the Mad Titan’s assault.

It was nothing short of incredible.

Infinity War isn’t the only thing I’ve been enjoying. I’ve been doing more reading daily, tuning out from the Golden Age scifi and towards more recent fun. I have a few books you might be interested in:

  • The original Pacific Rim screenplay by Travis Beacham (on Dropbox – click here). It’s a whole lot more complex than the movie we saw, and makes me want to run away and write giant mechs of my own.
  • Eye of the Colossus by Nicole Grotepas. The first of Nicole’s Holly Drake series, Eye of the Colusses is some of the most fun I’ve had this month. It’s like Ocean’s Eleven met a scifi Die Hard. There’s aliens, cruise ships, and a heist-within-a-heist. ($0.99 on Amazon here)
  • Zeelam by Navin Weeratne. What happens when zombies invade Colombo? Navin’s new book is shades of Resident Evil crossed with some very biting social commentary that I (as a Sri Lankan) really dig – right down to the corrupt politicians and anti-NGO backlash. ($2.99 on Amazon here)
  • The Mangrove Suite by Timothy Niederitter. Niederitter’s writing intrigues me. TMS is set in a universe that I’d describe as biopunk. It’s a very layered book, and I keep rifling through it for the intrictae wordlbuilding (it makes sense – Tim is a hardcore DnD guy). ($2.99 on Amazon here)
  • Starstuff by Ira Heinichen. Ira takes a timeless trope – sheltered, unhappy boy goes out to seek his father / fortune into a world beyond his wildest imaginings – and dances with it, slinging a tale of interstellar travel, robots and economics, pirates, and authoritarian governments owning the gulf between the stars. His Companions are a particularly original and creepy invention.($4.99 on Amazon)

And now I’m off for a weekend at the beach (tropical countries: great beaches, bad economies).

But before I go: I’m running a promo on Numbercaste these days, and my award-winning debut (soon to be printed by HarperCollins) is just 0.99 for the next week. If you haven’t got it yet, you should!


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