The May End Update! Featuring GDPR and more.

First, a GDPR update (we’re required to do this). If you want to understand what I do with your data (like this email, hop over to If anything in there makes you uncomfortable, you can opt out at any time using the unsubscribe link in the email footer. I hope you stay, of course.

I’ve been working on the 2054 collaboration, of course. The timelines aren’t quite right – I was hoping to have the last month ‘off’ writing, just working on my research – but you know how it goes. Man makes plans and God laughs, what?

Either way, I’m pleased to report we have a really nice book on our hands, the start of what will be a beautiful annual collaboration. It’ll be live on the 18th! Check out the site at

(For the techies among you: that’s my first time building a site with GitHub Pages and Jekyll. Pretty neat tech, so much easier than my WordPress stuff).

We’ve even got a beautiful foreword from Samuel Peralta, physicist, entrepreneur, author, anthologist extraordinaire.

And onto equally exciting news: AC Fuller has a new book out! Fuller, for those who don’t know my reading preferences, is an author I quite admire. He writes technothrillers that cross politics and tech (if you’ve read Numbercaste and my Sri Lankan election analyses, you’ll understand my obsession with this subject).

Fuller’s new series is about the US elections – in 2020. American citizens can vote online for an independent campaign. Whoever wings gets a war chest to take on the Democrats and the Republicans. It’s the Ameritocracy.

If you’re interested, I’m linking the series here:
The first two books in the series – Open Primary and Off Message – are 0.99 each these days. The latest, book three, is Echo Chamber – that’s $3.99. They’re worth the read. Fuller explores this poli-tech space with a master’s eye. 

And now I’m going to take your leave and get back to my writing. If possible, some Fortnite tonight.


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