“Incidentally, there is support for Wijeratne’s story”: part two – aftermath and decision trees

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  1. Robert Kim says:

    It’s not a particularly good look. Should this incident be remembered at all, no one’s going to pay attention to the finer details or the shades of grey. What the masses are going to find as the most attractive narrative is an entitled caucasian female author of lurid supermarket thrillers involving werewolves and vampires and whatnot accusing an accomplished author, scholar and futurist POC of having “felt that [he] needed to cheat” to gain professional recognition. It is a sad fact that in North America, persons of color are often demanded to justify their status, property and accomplishments. In US culture this narrative would straddle an unfortunate intersection of racial justice and anti-feminism.

    I should know, since after reading Navin’s blog I was prepared to make a similar post on another site. Then I read your posts, and your research on Bellet’s background (not to mention the rather lurid state of American SF), and now I’m thinking, perhaps sometimes it is just the trauma talking. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be held accountable, but I wonder if and when the moment Ms. Bellet realizes that she allowed her past trauma, and by token her past tormentors, to dictate her actions in the present, wouldn’t that be far outside or well beyond the scope of any possible penalty she may or may not have deserved, or that anyone could actually devise? As you said in your previous post, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. In fact I’m hoping this comment is beneath her notice.

    We’re rarely rewarded for compassion and generosity of spirit in this life, I hope you’re an exception. For what it’s worth I’ll definitely check out your bibliography.

    • yudhanja-admin says:

      It’s an ugly affair, and while I can’t speak for US SFF politics, I feel, and have been told, that it is definitely trauma talking. Nevertheless, this has to stop somewhere. I have the nasty feeling the actors from the feud from 2015 found a new battleground to push, and that’s part of the reason the pushback was so violent.

  2. The Phantom says:

    “…we have gone from being excited to being jaded over this.”

    Sadly, that is probably just about right. Give ’em hell, dude. Break that hammer. Try not to do it with your head, like I do. ~:D

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