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Conversations with other authors – how they write, what they use, and what drives them.

The JT Lawrence interview: From Joburg with dystopia

I am a born and bred Johannesburg girl; I bloomed in the city of gold, she said when I asked her for an introduction to herself. Think pavement weed, not flower. JT Lawrence, South African science fiction writer extraordinaire, stops by to talk about her writing, her process, and how she got here.

Tommy Donbavand: a Wordsmith versus Cancer

Tommy Donbavand is a writer’s writer. By the time I made his acquaintance online, he’d written and published over one hundred books, primarily for young readers; Scream Street, one of his oldest works, was on the...

Justin Sloan (Interview): the road to 150,000 words a month

Justin Sloan is one of those rare writers who basically just sit down and regularly turn out an extraordinary output. And he’s making enough from his writing that he quit his day job – which is something every writer dreams of, but very few actually achieve.