Story Plot: What The Masters Have To Say

For centuries, we’ve wondered how great writers structure their stories and put their plots together. The answers have been scattered out there: in Aristotle’s Poetics, in books written by Joseph Campbell, Syd Fields, and others – each detailing one system: theirs.

Until this book. Wijeratne, himself a fiction writer on a journey of discovery, brings together all these complicated theses into an easy bullet-point format, reducing thousands of pages down to quick summaries that can be easily understood and implemented by authors, screenwriters, and storytellers.


“A wonderful reference of beats and plot devices for authors of any level of expertise to use.” 
–  R.R. Virdi, two-time Dragon Award-nominated author

“I love this book! Not only for the clear and simple plot structures but for the historical trivia. Great minds have spent lifetimes figuring out how to tell powerful stories. Pick a structure that works for your writing style and get to work!”
– Derek Murphy, PhD,

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