#WCY2014 From Africa: on gender equality, rape, change and more

Hello. Your name is? 

Hudu Adam, from Ghana, that’s in West Africa.

Hello Hudu, good to meet you. What do you do?

I’m a senior sales clerk, and I am also the secretary of a group called Hamdallah, which means Praise be to God. I’m here for the gender equality session.

Why are you here for the gender equality session?

Back then, in our place, women are always crying. They say their men impregnate them and run away. We have so many thing s – teen pregnancies, high sexuality rates. You see, most people in my country drop out of school early, so they do not get a proper education on what is what, and so you see all these things happening because of very poor education.

It is the first time for me to be in such a conference, and I just wanted to see and contribute and see how I can take away from this to impact my country. I want to see how other countries re dealing with these issues – especially sister countries like India with very high reported rapes – and I want to see what we can take away.

What is your government’s stance on this?

You see, the government cannot do anything for us, so we must start from the bottom. We need institutions to deal with this problem on a large scale. We have none.

What changes to do you hope will come out of WCY?

I want to see a gender balance and responsible authorities working and chasing who flouts laws. I want to see who flouts these are punished for their crime of taking the innocence from ladies. If we have strong institutions we can import confidence into these women so they can safely report and be confident that authorities can do something about it.

Unfortunately we always talk and nothing is done. Some women are afraid of reporting rape because the whole society looks down on them, this is bad, society must support them – if we can support them, they can recover their confidence.

I also believe we should work on education. We need a system to spread information and educate young ladies and young women about their rights and their right to report who trying to exploit them, even for employment. At the same time we need to educate the men on what is right and wrong.

Both the male and female should join hands together, fight this and build a strong society. Youth in my community, they are spreading information from the ground up. We cannot rely on the authorities to do this so we must make a stand.

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