#WCY2014 Liveblog #3: text editors wanted

“The meeting is suspended for ten minutes.”

Gender identities are a hotly debated topic all over the word. However, this perhaps is the only place  right now where half the countries in the world are haggling over the use of the word “LGBTIQ’ vs the word “gender equality”. As http://internationalspectrum.umich.edu/life/definitions will show you, there are many definitions, nuances and not a few sensitivities at stake. Personally, I believe “gender identities” covers the whole gamut in a very neutral manner. but my vote counts for nothing here.

There’s been so much haggling over words and verbs that one feels it might have been helpful to dispense dictionaries. Gender identities in particular is proving so problematic that the text was almost droppped in its entirety.

One issue pointed out was that since the document is being written in English and all the debates are being carried out in English, representatives and countries of other no contribution that they can make on these linguistic discussions: it is pointed out by the speaker that, despite the very real existence on the lngnuage barrier, there is little that can be done to amend this and English is the only viable common basis for communication for the entire gamut of spokespeople and nations involved.

A similar issue voiced in Spanish from Argentina, which turns out to be an elaborate agreement on the case made. The chair stresses that limited time makes it impossible to host any debate that does not contribute any alternate text to the document: the Argentinian delegation pulls out. Well, that escalated quickly. Was it not understood which language would be in use here?

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