Why do people Google sex (and why do you care?)

So once again, according to Google trends, Sri Lanka is the highest volume of searches for the word “sex”.

The fact itself is not interesting. What’s interesting is that this thing is actually news. It’s all over LBO,newsfirst.lk, Daily Mirror, Lanka E Gossip – in fact, FT.lk has proudly announced that “Sri Lanka’s web sex obsession persists!” And people are sharing this left, right and center, with some damning moral arguments being made. Dammit, you horny buggers, you’re disgracing the nation! And stop sharing it on Facebook like you’re proud of it!


It’s a statistic (some would also call it an impressive statistic). And it shows that there are a lot of people in Homagama, Nugegoda and Colombo who enjoy watching porn online (there are). Why are we obsessing over this? Most people, to judge by their reactions on Facebook, seem to be treating it with a mixture of shock and disgust. Which is baloney. Here’s the honest analysis of this non-news snippet:

a) Sri Lankans haven’t settled on a porn site yet, or figured out that Bing is better than Google for porn search. 

Which makes sense, given that mainstream porn sites are blocked in Sri Lanka.

b) Tikiri Manike don’t want your buns, hun.

Perhaps aren’t getting enough of it. By all accounts, it’s a notoriously difficult country to get laid in. Let me be a dick and show you this map that charts the easiness of girls by country, which can be found online at http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=19491. If you accept this as gospel, the sex searches aren’t that surprising. Apparently Google and the trusty left hand is all that’s available.



c) Journalists are bored with the elections

After all, it takes a special kind of boredom to actually put this stuff to paper, especially when you’re getting paid to write *cough* unbiased news. Which is understandable: it’s not like we’re on the verge of a decisive election that might potentially topple dynasties. Just a regular day at the office, looking up fap analytics on Google Trends.

Either way, get off your high horse. People searching for sex? Let them. If they’re paying for Internet access, it’s up to them how to use it. And look on the bright side – they say IT literacy’s up to 40%, and now we have proof.

2 thoughts on “Why do people Google sex (and why do you care?)

  1. “Tikiri Manike don’t want your buns, hun” – the best Lankan related pop culture reference I have ever heard! kudos to that, made me actually laugh out loud.

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