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It’s a little over 50 days into Yahapalanaya. Steps have been taken forward, sideways and backwards. What fascinates me right now is the Carlton House Mafia, the Rajapaksa clan, who’re now on the receiving end of what they dished out in a decade of power. The dogs of the media are yapping at their former masters. It’s a very interesting conflict, made even more interesting by what Carlton House says in public.



“I believe it’s wrong to do such things to extract revenge from politicians,” Rajapaksa added. Capping it all the former President reportedly said,” I didn’t do that. No one can point the finger at me. This is why I can point the finger at others.”

He was talking about Wimal Weerawansa’s wife, who was held on charges of falsifying documents.

In a rather witty piece in the Colombo Telegraph, Shyamon Jayasinghe theorized that to say such things, MR must needs have developed Alzheimer’s disease. Mahinda’s history is rife with revenge. What makes it worse is that his revenge was not exacted in private, with the cut and thrust of backdoor politics, but in a media-fuelled, righteous public frenzy.

The oldest example I can think of is Sarath Fonseka: arrested, military record expunged, tried under a court that with a jury and process never released to the public. A more example would be the current President’s brother Kumarasinghe Sirisena, who was fired from the State Timber Corporation the moment MR heard of his brother running for President. But the best example is perhaps Ranil Wickramasinghe and the whole of the UNP; they were systematically destroyed with a carefully orchestrated hate campaigns and made out to be gibbering idiots unfit for power. Oh, and what about the Chief Justice, MR Rajapaksa? 

Mahinda Rajapaksa is the poster boy for political revenge. 

It’s ironic that this man can believe people will forget that easily. Come now, Mr Rajapaksa; you ruled over a people who were taught from childhood to memorize the mind and the sayings and the size and the shape and the color of the left nipple of a man who lived 2,000 years ago. Do you think we’d forget ten years that easily?



“Reluctant vote for the budget. #SriLanka #lka” 

Namal Rajapaksa is in a bad situation: nobody believes him.

Come on. There’s an art to denying. It’s one thing to say you have no Lamborghinis or helicopters while being outed on Instagram with his girlfriend. It’s another thing entirely to deny involvement in the Carlston Sports Network, a company that exists solely because the Rajapaksas willed it into existence. The registered address of the company was 260/12 Torrington Avenue, Colombo 5 – the house used by MR during the 2004 Parliamentary election. Sri Lanka Cricket admitted to the company being owned by the Rajapaksa family. They got broadcasting rights worth an estimated Rs 3,000 million for Rs 125 million.

This is madness.

There is a hard limit to how much you can lie point-blank with the proof sitting right behind you, but MP Namal Rajapaksa hasn’t realized it. Instead, he attends Parliament, tweets a lot (#lka #SriLanka #DaddysPower), and blogs. 

Unfortunately, he’s worst off in this. Namal keeps popping up with reluctance and hashtags and the occasional bit of smartass sarcasm. While many still respect MR’s gravitas, people are all too ready to pick on both Namal and Yoshitha, but since Namal’s face is the one that shows, that’s what’s getting hit. It’s like Whack-A-Mole. From watches to cars to CSN, he’s the guy taking the flak.

I guess you have to do something to keep the job.



Are silent.

“Meykadha yahapalaney?”  

Only Wimal speaketh, and Wimal speaketh because out of all the players in this equation, he is the only one who is well and truly fucked. He’s switched sides more times than a Clipsal light switch. He is MR’s Pachayudhaya and that is his only future: do anything else, and despite being a brilliant orator, he loses all credibility. 

Mervyn has switched sides. He is the Victim now. He’s licking boots on Live TV. There was a lovely piece in the Sunday Leader, in 2010, titled “Meet the real Mervyn Silva”. In it, Frederica Jansz explores the rise of the underworld superstar from Sathosa employee to Sirimavo’s personal kapuwa to foul-mouthed politician.

In it, Mahinda Rajapaksa is overheard bitterly talking about Mervyn Silva: “The …… that I brought to Colombo is today deciding on my nomination.”

Today, that …. is digging the grave a little bit deeper, one talkshow at a time.

Ah, this is brilliant. 


11 thoughts on “Carlton House Mafia

  1. It was an interesting piece to read and I’m sure there’s a lot more nefarious stories to be told about the Carlton House and it’s evil branches.

  2. We are loosing dates.
    Hope all the loopholes will be plugged and the bad boys and a few girls will be accorded with a life long holiday on Govt account to be served in the cells all other share
    Now we shall have a life to live with independance
    All these while we were dependant ruled by the MR clan and his cheap stooges

  3. Show me a politician in our country who did not practice corruption, at least these people did more work on development than all those past goons regimes put together. Now it seems the March forward has come to a complete stop. Many jobs lost and many hotel projects which were to be take off ground on hold. The country is just dragging without a plan. Hang with the new yasapalanaya greedy idiots of the West.
    Colombo gang does not care a damn about the country as long as they can move their backs and dance baila and get home drunk!! Don’t vote for the party but for a good leadership that’s what we need.

    1. Yes very very true Maheera, bloody selfish Colombo Modayas think only of themselves. I respect and selute MR as the nation’s proper leader. Of course there must have been small mishaps here and there ( which is not something strange in politics) but the disasterous ugly false propaganda and dirty game they played to topple the previous gvnt will come back to them as true justice in the next election. It was merely power hunger, not true love and care for the Nation’s people. If Pambaya Sirisena realy wants to do good to the Nation and its people, why would he handover the power (as PM ) to Ranil ? For 13 yrs he was with MR and suddenly thought “Oh! I must do something for my ppl?” “Rubbish”. Also, just because he came from a village, cannot speak English and soft spoken, one should not gauge him as an innecent and simple man. Simplicity comes from tour heart.

      1. Mahira – What a statement to make”SMALL MISHAPS HERE AND THERE”. Is murdering a small mishap here and there? Poor Lasantha he got killed for speaking out the truth. So many Journalist got killed the same way. Some have migrated. Are these small mishaps here and there? How many detainees are suffering homeless? What about the Land Grabs? What about harbouring the former terrorists who were responsible for killing thousands of people, like Karuna and K.P.? What about the corruption that had taken place? What about the expensive life style they have been leading, at state expense, when the masses have been suffering? Are these all Small mishaps here and there? People wanted a change. They had not much of a choice. It was either MR or MS. They wanted MR out. So they voted MS.Building Roads and looking after Hambantota is not what people want. They wanted live with dignity; Do you think a person could say all that you and I are saying and get away with it during the earlier regime. i agree the present regime is not moving fast enough. Ranil is shooting his mouth a little too much; but this is definitely better than all that we experienced earlier

  4. yes yes small mis haps here and there!!! thats really hilarious but when the laughter stops I am left feeling shocked, angry, empty at the sheer stupidity of that comment. I think if all the morons cannot or do not want to see the ‘small mis haps here and there’ for what they really are, the acts of a dictator who threatness all of our core freedoms, then we actually deserve MR comming back to power and sticking that ripe pineapple up our arses, was that how it was put?

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