Fuck You, Saudi: An open letter to the UNHRC

The government of Sri Lanka has filed an appeal before the Riyadh Court in Saudi Arabia, on behalf of the Sri Lankan female domestic worker who was recently sentenced to be stoned to death after being found guilty of having a clandestine affair, the Foreign Employment Ministry said.

The Ministry sources said the woman was married and having children in Sri Lanka when she was convicted for adultery with a Sri Lankan youth employed in Saudi Arabia. After she was produced before the Riyadh Court, the woman had pleaded guilty … The youth who had the affair with Lankan woman had been given 100 lashes as punishment, Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorala’s Media Secretary Nalin Rajapaksha said…. – Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka.

Do you know what Saudi is going to do?

They’re going to dig a hole. Then they’re going to bury a Sri Lankan woman. Chest-high.

Then people are going to throw rocks at her until she dies. It isn’t going to be a quick death. She will feel the rocks shattering her teeth. She will feel them smash her skull. She will die crying and in pain.

Think about that for a moment. There are many ways of killing a person. Stoning them is one of the oldest (check the Old Testament) and the most barbaric practices in legal use today. Not just because it’s a terrible way to die, but also because it turns a whole crowd into a mass or murderers.

Farah Abdi Warsameh’s Stoned to Death, Somalia, 13 December. Photograph: AP Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP

This is what it looks like. Picture a Sri Lankan woman in there and you’re good to go.

I don’t get this. The world and its media are up in arms over “human rights violations”. Governments threaten each other over “atrocities”. We have protests for everything. Cruelty to women. Cruelty to gay people. Cruelty to children. Cruelty to pigs. Cruelty to chickens. The United States, that fine purveyor and dispenser of bombs and painful death to thousands of innocent civilians worldwide, raves about Sri Lanka’s violations of human rights protocols and threatens to bring our Presidents to court.

And yet no-one wants to look at fucking Saudi and point that they’re literally bludgeoning people of other nations to death.

Oh, we’re fine with it. Half the people, good Sri Lankans all, I know have vacationed in Saudi (or plan to). You, the United Nations actually made them the Chair of Human Rights.  All you people working at the UNHRC: do you fucking understand what that means? It means you elected one of the most extremist, one of the most homophobic, one of the most racist societies on Earth to represent your HR efforts. World peace, my left cheek.

Would you like stories? 

Let’s talk about Raif Badawi, a blogger who wrote about free speech. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

Let’s talk about Laila Bint Abdul Muttalib Basim, dragged through the streets of Mecca, held down by four police officers and hacked to death as she screamed “I did not kill. I did not kill. I did not kill.”

Let’s talk about the infamous “eye for an eye” of Sharia law that orders tooth extraction, flogging, eye gouging, amputation, and in one case in 2013, surgically induced paralysis. Let’s talk about the “temporary marriage contracts” that legalize full-scale sexual slavery and the ability for a Saudi to violate every possible human right.

Let’s talk about the  110 people beheaded by August this year. ISIS (or the Islamic State, as they call themselves) beheaded 65. In fact, let’s see how Saudi Arabia compares with ISIS when it comes to punishment, shall we?Punishments_FINAL-01

Yes: Saudi’s crime and punishment system is the same as those terrorists you’re waging war on. Where’s the outcry? Where’s the joint UK-US invasions? Where’s the hashtagging by the well-meaning pseudo-intellectual hippies you employ for your grass-roots campaigns?

Or have I gotten something wrong here? Is your “freedom and democracy” reserved only for those who don’t have enough oil? Are your human rights allegations reserved only for those nations without petrodollars?

You, United Nations. You’re a farce.  You and your bloody simpering SDGs sit there on your high thrones on the rotting corpses of the rest of the world. Your ambassador for Human Rights is the ambassador for legalized murder, rape, and terrorism. You should be dismantled and cast to the dogs. Or, better yet – turn yourselves in for war crimes. This time, we’ll judge.


PS: Before someone shouts “Islam is to blame!” let me point out that a) stoning is suggested in the Old Testament, not in the Quran  and that b) there are Muslim countries that do not stone people or chop off their hands.  As the journalist Max Rodenbeck notes, out of the world’s 49 Muslim-majority states, only six preserve this barbaric tradition.

Pity we picked the barbarians to oversee Human Rights, eh?

8 thoughts on “Fuck You, Saudi: An open letter to the UNHRC

  1. Thanks for writing about this. I ended up spending hours and hours on Thursday night, frustrated by how things have not changed since 2013 when they executed Rizvana Rafeek.

    My main issue is, while the hypocrisy of the West is real, I believe it is naive to hope the US/ UN will suddenly start caring about us. I think this needs to be more of a public outcry, locally, from our own people. I also advocate for stronger labor rights for our domestic help within the country, so our people are not compelled to submit themselves to this modern day slavery, injustice and indignity of barbaric nations who have no humanity.

    I have a rant on it, pwith links to a few articles if you can spare the time 🙂

  2. The Sri Lankan foreign employment bureau is not exactly free of guilt in these matters. They do little to stop people from going off to work in Saudi based largely on fantasies of a wonderful life. Where is Mangala Samaraweera? Why isn’t he going to Saudi to intervene in this and dozens of other atrocities that occur there on a regular basis? And the Western countries turn a blind eye to all this exactly because they need the oil. China too! What the hell is wrong with people?
    This whole thing makes me sick!!!

  3. I just wanna know that judge who gave this verdict never slept with another women? Fucking asseho less. Good example that sending women to bloody fuckers.

  4. Dear All,
    If there is anyway we can make a noise that is strong enough to get to the authorities to re- consider this brutal way of killing this poor sri lankan woman, If there is any please someone share it on FB at the earliest. (especially someone from Saudi who knows about any previose cases that have successfully stopped that way) I strongly agree with those who say we have to take strong measures to pass our ultimate disgust over this kind of practices by stopping sending domestic workers- (in fact any females at all) to Saudi until and unless they change those horrible practices.
    Let us inform every possible authority in our countries of residence and see how far we can get to stop this at any cost. I will pass this on to our MP to begin with – urging him to pass it on to his hierarchy.

  5. Saudi’s are Total Barbarians… I want to live upto the day when the oil fields of middle east gets exhausted.. Before my days are over, I want to see the sheiks begging around the world.. All that petro dollars make them fanatics.

    My heart goes to the Sri Lankan women 🙁 Hope god looks upon you

  6. I just read today that the new Sri Lankan ambassador to Saudi has said that Saudi has the right to stone this woman to death since she did not obey “the law of the land” in Saudi. I guess that by that same reasoning, Hitler was justified in killing millions since they failed to “obey” the law of the land in Germany during the 30s.
    How did this fucking bastard of an ambassador get appointed to Saudi by Sri Lanka.
    What if Mangala or Ranil go to Saudi, will they be stoned because they screw boys? Allah knows no boundaries and the Saudis can have some more fun supporting the will of Allah, who they call “the all merciful”. What a fucking laugh. Is our president going to do something about this?

  7. most of our ladies going this shit place without knowing. most of agents cheat poor people. Why government can not force the agents not to sent people to SA. Except that shit, there are many other countries in M/east.

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