Huntington’s Civilizations: A Classification

In 1993, Samuel Huntington wrote an article titled “The Clash of Civilizations”. In it, he expounded his theory that the world was basically divided into 9 civilizations – the Western, the Orthodox, the Islamic, and so on and so forth. He split these civilizations based not on economics but along racial and cultural lines, and explained that wars would happen where cultures clashed. It’s not the only classification, nor the… Read More »Huntington’s Civilizations: A Classification

Decriminalizing homosexuality in Sri Lanka: Problems

homosexual (hɒmə(ʊ)ˈsɛkʃʊəl,ˌhəʊmə(ʊ)ˈsɛkʃʊəl) So recently the government shut down yet another attempt to decriminalize homosexuality in Sri Lanka. To wit, the bill proposed that people should not be discriminated upon based on their gender, and the old farts panicked.  We got the usual excuse that this is a Buddhist country, and this was culturally inappropriate. This is, unfortunately, rational, if not perfectly logical. Consider the country that we live in: Short… Read More »Decriminalizing homosexuality in Sri Lanka: Problems

The Siege of Aleppo, #aleppo and Syria’s Anne Frank

The siege of Aleppo reads like a scene from The Lord of the Rings. Aleppo, the largest city in Syria has, since 2012, been a battle point between the rebels (the Free Syrian Army plus the Army of Conquest, as well as Al-Queda’s Syrian arm).  Some 31,000 people are estimated to have died. The government forces (and Russia) have been airstriking (is that a word) the shit out of rebel positions… Read More »The Siege of Aleppo, #aleppo and Syria’s Anne Frank

The ripple effects of writing

When I was a child, I wanted to be an author. Unfortunately, my father, who was a smart man, took me aside and said to me, “Son, you might enjoy reading, but you’re never going to make money writing.” Now, years later, I’ve proven him wrong, but he had a point. The world was changing. This was the 90s: in the course of the next two decades, cell phones invade… Read More »The ripple effects of writing