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Meet The Lawyers Who Won The Fight For Kuliyapitiya – and all children with HIV/Aids

Some days ago, a boy was denied access to an education on the suspicion that he had HIV/Aids.  It seemed the entire Sri Lankan rose up in protest over his plight – and over the retarded comments of the Education Minister, who tried to make a case for separating the child from his mother. And what did we do? Nothing, of course. Three people, however, carried on the fight. Kamani… Read More »Meet The Lawyers Who Won The Fight For Kuliyapitiya – and all children with HIV/Aids

#OCCUPYTHESQUARE: Holding Hands, the Aftermath

On Sunday, the 6th of March, about a hundred people sat down at the hall in the middle of Independence Square. Despite it going ham on social media (there were definitely a couple of thousand more Facebook commentators than actual protestors), the aftermath seems to be fairly muddled and open for debate. Here’s what happened. A bunch of people sat down by 4. The guards skulked in a corner. Newspapermen… Read More »#OCCUPYTHESQUARE: Holding Hands, the Aftermath

How the Rest of the World Sees The US Election

Ah, the US Election. The one event in recent history where the entire world looks at the most powerful nation on the Earth and goes “what the fuck are they smoking?” Hillary Clinton Putting the ‘old’ in ‘old guard’ On the surface, Hillary Clinton looks sane. Clean energy, pro-abortion? Yeah. Until, that is, you look at the rest of her promises. “The most important thing …is to keep Americans safe. That means… Read More »How the Rest of the World Sees The US Election

The Flip Side Of Sinhalé (Aka Minority Racism)

When is racism not racism? Apparently, when it’s a minority doing it. Many people who read my article ‘Wali Kukul Le’ liked it. Many didn’t. Ironically, it was those who hated it that saw through to the next question: why are we bashing one particular ethnic group for being inordinately proud of their race? What about the others?  Granted, the question was never worded as politely as that. The closest… Read More »The Flip Side Of Sinhalé (Aka Minority Racism)

Wali Kukul Le

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Observer  (10/1/2015). A long time ago, there was an Indian Prince. His name was Vijaya. Later generations would practically worship the guy, but despite the marketing, said Prince was a deeply disturbed individual. His grandmother had been carried off and knocked up by a lion. History tells us the lion is a metaphor; that’s good, because the alternative is a bit too weird… Read More »Wali Kukul Le