Two centuries have passed since humanity spread to the stars. The future is bleak and bitter.

One one side, the United Nations desperately fights to retain its control over empires among the stars. On the other side is the rival OutReach Colonial Association [ORCA], grim, outnumbered, almost suicidally valiant. Their war tears apart planets.

And in the middle, a lone soldier, the last of ORCA’s legendary Butchers, returns home…only to find that there truly is no rest for the wicked. A 2D Role-Playing Game set in a blighted world.

Game design and story by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne. Music by Keiron Furber.

To play E.C.H.O, you first need to download the RPG MAKER XP Run-Time-Package

And then *fanfare* click here to download E.C.H.O

This program incorporates works by multiple authors, and in the best interests of all is released under the following license.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) The first fight is so hard! I can’t seem to win!
Answer – you have special skills in combat – use it. [Available in the Skills menu in combat]
2) What tools did you use to make this game? How long did it take?
Answer – RPG Maker XP; Microsoft Paint; 4 brains; coffee and lots of resources from the RMXP community sites. Around six months, most of it working on tilesets.
3) The music is awesome! Who composed it?
A genius by the name of Keiron Furber, aka Swallowtail. We talked once over emaiI. I’ve tried contacting him since then but there’s been radio silence: if you get in touch, drop me a notification.

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