The Orange Republic: Where Are the Rajapakses?

Unlike the BBS, I have no illusions that the Ruling Dynasty will just step down from power. Time has proven that Mahinda Rajapakse knows better than most people on how to wield the powers of the High Office. What I am concerned about is that nobody in the Government – much less the Familia – seems to be speaking out against the BBS.

The war never ended. We just took some time off #lka #Aluthgama

It is so easy to turn everything into a matter of faith. Take a man. Any man will do. Make him a symbol of faith. Pay no attention to the man underneath the robes – be he good, bad, sick, twisted or downright evil: once he is a symbol of faith, his actions are justified. In time, people even forget what the faith stands for. All that matters is the living symbol.