Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne In Nice, a man driving a bomb-laden truck killed some 84 people. In the wake of the Nice bomb, many people stood up and said: “The Nice bomber drank alcohol. He ate pork. He never went to mosque. He was not a Muslim. He was not one of us. Islam is a religion of peace.” This is the same chant that goes up in the wake of every… Read More »Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

The Buddha And The Poet

A friend recently shared an old poem by M.H.M Ashraff called “The Buddha and the Poet”. In it, the Poet – presumably the author – meets the Buddha, and they discuss, in rather rambling verse, the problems in the country, and [in the poem] the Buddha concludes that he must return and teach the Dhamma in Tamil. At the time (in the later 90’s, I believe) this poem sparked a fury… Read More »The Buddha And The Poet