Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne In Nice, a man driving a bomb-laden truck killed some 84 people. In the wake of the Nice bomb, many people stood up and said: “The Nice bomber drank alcohol. He ate pork. He never went to mosque. He was not a Muslim. He was not one of us. Islam is a religion of peace.” This is the same chant that goes up in the wake of every… Read More »Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

Kirby, Colomboscope and A Rant Against All These Idiots

I was at Cinnamon’s Colomboscope the other week. To be honest, I liked it. Well, some of it. Most of it was a bunch of expats explaining Sri Lanka to foreigners. Generally, this includes well-meaning but meandering discussions on class conflict and a lot of thought on where Colombo is headed. This is ironic, because the people actually listening to this were definitely not the Common Man – you couldn’t have found a… Read More »Kirby, Colomboscope and A Rant Against All These Idiots