The Colombo People

Colombo is the bus drivers. The waiter who serves your tea. The hawkers in Pettah. The man peering out at the world from behind a shop window, waiting for customers who will never come.

This is the Colombo Port City?

Yesterday, I was invited to go on a (guided) tour of the much-discussed Colombo Port City. I, along with a small crowd of twitterati, were taken to look at what’s already built, ask questions, take photos and cross-examine the management of CHEC Port City Colombo Private Limited, the people doing the actual construction. When I told my friends that I’d be at the Port City in the morning, the first thing… Read More »This is the Colombo Port City?

This is Colombo: I Am But A Stranger Here..

Someone wanted me to write about Colombo, so I did. I discovered this post many weeks later, when both that someone and I had forgotten this ever happened. Anyway, here goes. Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a pretty small city. In fact, seen from above, it’s not so much a city as thirteen different towns stuck together, neatly numbered: they spread out from Colombo Forts (aka Colombo… Read More »This is Colombo: I Am But A Stranger Here..

Liveblog from #WCY2014: Declaring Colombo – a work in progress

I’m sitting in one of the biggest sessions of today’s event: a joint discussion on the draft of the Declaration. Between the hundreds of delegates and the various discussions, organizations and agendas involved, they’ve hammered out a set of drafts which will eventually become the Colombo Declaration. This draft, right now, is in its 3rd revision – a 16-page document riddled with suggested amendments from countries all over the globe.… Read More »Liveblog from #WCY2014: Declaring Colombo – a work in progress