ICTA’s Bullshit

Is there anyone from Google out there? Anyone? Good. If there is, know that you – and the company you work for – are now part of Sri Lanka’s many political campaigns. Let me explain. I’m looking at a copy of the DailyFT. On the front page is a photo of Muhunthan Canagey shaking hands with Mike Cassidy, VP at Google at head of Project Loon. “Sri Lanka creates universal… Read More »ICTA’s Bullshit

Why do people Google sex (and why do you care?)

So once again, according to Google trends, Sri Lanka is the highest volume of searches for the word “sex”. The fact itself is not interesting. What’s interesting is that this thing is actually news. It’s all over LBO,, Daily Mirror, Lanka E Gossip – in fact, has proudly announced that “Sri Lanka’s web sex obsession persists!” And people are sharing this left, right and center, with some damning moral arguments being made. Dammit,… Read More »Why do people Google sex (and why do you care?)