Yahapalanaya, 12 Days Later: Late Promises, Lamborghini Witchunts

The President’s brother, Kumarasinghe Sirisena, was appointed the Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom. That’s the old nepotism creeping in, alright. On one hand, the dude is qualified. He has a Bsc in Public Administration Management, a Bsc in Management (wait, isn’t that the same thing? Is one more corrupt than the other?), and MBA and something called a “Master of Public Administration.” Google also thinks he’s a whole bunch of hot women.

“Buddhism – The Best Religion In The World”: Is this what The Island has sunk to?

Have you seen a recent article on the Island titled ‘Buddhism – “The Best Religion in the World” award’ ? If you haven’t, you should. This wonderful article proceeds thus: The Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) has bestowed “The Best Religion in the World” award this year on the Buddhist Community. This special… Read more “Buddhism – The Best Religion In The World”: Is this what The Island has sunk to?

The Jihadist Journalists of #lka

“A steady stream of articles are appearing in the local English medium, attacking demonizing and condemning the Sinhala people and more specifically the Sinhala-Buddhists as extremists, intolerable, genocidal and violent. It is seen by a perusal of these that the writers of these fall into three broad categories. One is the traditionally anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist… Read more The Jihadist Journalists of #lka