Recommendations For A Total Restructure of the Sri Lankan Parliament

Indi Samarajiva recently wrote a post where he summed up the Sri Lankan Parliament: 225 MP’s, 90 of them in the Cabinet and holding some kind of portfolio – a  bloated mess like no other. Needless to say, he titled the post “The New Cabinet. WTF.” I’m going to save the #mekadhaYahapalanaya rant for later. Instead, I tried thinking of this in perspective and came up with some disturbing insight. The rest of this… Read More »Recommendations For A Total Restructure of the Sri Lankan Parliament

The 19th Amendment: A Walk To Remember

“No one man should have all that power.” – Kanye West If you were to liken the 19th Amendment to poop,  you’d end up with an incredibly crude but hilariously accurate description. It was a long poop. Protracted. Painful. It even made me want to quote Kanye West. But it was necessary, oh, so necessary.  Because Kanye, despite being a pop culture icon completely unrelated to Sri Lankan politics, is… Read More »The 19th Amendment: A Walk To Remember

Loku Scene: Why Abolishing the ‘Presidency’ Isn’t Enough

With the elections coming up, there’s a huge tidal wave of opinion rising to catch voters everywhere. One of Maithree’s biggest hooks is the same claim made by Mahinda Rajapakse years ago: abolishing the Executive Presidency. However, while we wait for the power struggles to come to and end, here’s the elephant in the room: accountability to the public. Let me explain. We’re getting ornery over ultimate top-down change –… Read More »Loku Scene: Why Abolishing the ‘Presidency’ Isn’t Enough

Who the eff is Mai3?

Problem: a corrupt administration, an Executive Presidency that basically constitutes of a legal dictatorship, a Rajapakse dynasty with dominance over every major branch of government Solution: Maithripala Sirisena? Until a few days ago, my Facebook was filled with the usual pro-and-anti-feminist rants, pictures of far-off lands and the occasional raging Dota 2 player. Nobody gave a tinker’s damn about the upcoming election, because it was practically a given that Monseiur… Read More »Who the eff is Mai3?