The Flip Side Of Sinhalé (Aka Minority Racism)

When is racism not racism? Apparently, when it’s a minority doing it. Many people who read my article ‘Wali Kukul Le’ liked it. Many didn’t. Ironically, it was those who hated it that saw through to the next question: why are we bashing one particular ethnic group for being inordinately proud of their race? What about the others?  Granted, the question was never worded as politely as that. The closest… Read More »The Flip Side Of Sinhalé (Aka Minority Racism)

Wali Kukul Le

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Observer  (10/1/2015). A long time ago, there was an Indian Prince. His name was Vijaya. Later generations would practically worship the guy, but despite the marketing, said Prince was a deeply disturbed individual. His grandmother had been carried off and knocked up by a lion. History tells us the lion is a metaphor; that’s good, because the alternative is a bit too weird… Read More »Wali Kukul Le

The Jihadist Journalists of #lka

“A steady stream of articles are appearing in the local English medium, attacking demonizing and condemning the Sinhala people and more specifically the Sinhala-Buddhists as extremists, intolerable, genocidal and violent. It is seen by a perusal of these that the writers of these fall into three broad categories. One is the traditionally anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist lobby, led by a diverse mixture of Marxists, neo-marxists, liberals, neo-liberals, Eelamists and Christian fundamentalists. The… Read More »The Jihadist Journalists of #lka

The war never ended. We just took some time off #lka #Aluthgama

It is so easy to turn everything into a matter of faith. Take a man. Any man will do. Make him a symbol of faith. Pay no attention to the man underneath the robes – be he good, bad, sick, twisted or downright evil: once he is a symbol of faith, his actions are justified. In time, people even forget what the faith stands for. All that matters is the living symbol.