Wali Kukul Le

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Observer  (10/1/2015). A long time ago, there was an Indian Prince. His name was Vijaya. Later generations would practically worship the guy, but despite the marketing, said Prince was a deeply disturbed individual. His grandmother had been carried off and knocked up by a lion. History tells us… Read more Wali Kukul Le

The Jihadist Journalists of #lka

“A steady stream of articles are appearing in the local English medium, attacking demonizing and condemning the Sinhala people and more specifically the Sinhala-Buddhists as extremists, intolerable, genocidal and violent. It is seen by a perusal of these that the writers of these fall into three broad categories. One is the traditionally anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist… Read more The Jihadist Journalists of #lka