Mapping Election Influence On Social Media: Part Two – Facebook

A couple of days ago, I was analyzing who the biggest political influencers on Twitter were. The numbers were small, because despite the number of selfies generated by the average TweetUpSL, Twitter in Sri Lanka is still a small circle. It’s Facebook that reigns supreme for now, so let’s get on the Zuckertrain. Warning: you’re in for a spreadsheet. Friendly graphics appear after the spreadsheet.  Before we begin, let me declare that I, Yudhanjaya… Read More »Mapping Election Influence On Social Media: Part Two – Facebook

The 19th Amendment: A Walk To Remember

“No one man should have all that power.” – Kanye West If you were to liken the 19th Amendment to poop,  you’d end up with an incredibly crude but hilariously accurate description. It was a long poop. Protracted. Painful. It even made me want to quote Kanye West. But it was necessary, oh, so necessary.  Because Kanye, despite being a pop culture icon completely unrelated to Sri Lankan politics, is… Read More »The 19th Amendment: A Walk To Remember

Carlton House Mafia

It’s a little over 50 days into Yahapalanaya. Steps have been taken forward, sideways and backwards. What fascinates me right now is the Carlton House Mafia, the Rajapaksa clan, who’re now on the receiving end of what they dished out in a decade of power. The dogs of the media are yapping at their former masters. It’s a very interesting conflict, made even more interesting by what Carlton House says in public.… Read More »Carlton House Mafia

The Devil We Know: Stories from the #PresPoll

As the elections approach, shit gets real. Here’s some of it:    Severed dogs’ heads are delivered to the houses of  Brito Fernando and Prasanga Fernando, two of the activists behind the “Change with Reform” campaign. Former diplomat Dr Dayan Jayatilleke chats with a man with a fake accent, revealing his ideas of a perfect nation:  Russia (a country that once recorded a 140% voter turnout) and China (a one-party state). Major… Read More »The Devil We Know: Stories from the #PresPoll