Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne In Nice, a man driving a bomb-laden truck killed some 84 people. In the wake of the Nice bomb, many people stood up and said: “The Nice bomber drank alcohol. He ate pork. He never went to mosque. He was not a Muslim. He was not one of us. Islam is a religion of peace.” This is the same chant that goes up in the wake of every… Read More »Islamism. Catholicism. Buddhism. Terrorist Apologism.

Kirby, Colomboscope and A Rant Against All These Idiots

I was at Cinnamon’s Colomboscope the other week. To be honest, I liked it. Well, some of it. Most of it was a bunch of expats explaining Sri Lanka to foreigners. Generally, this includes well-meaning but meandering discussions on class conflict and a lot of thought on where Colombo is headed. This is ironic, because the people actually listening to this were definitely not the Common Man – you couldn’t have found a… Read More »Kirby, Colomboscope and A Rant Against All These Idiots

The Buddha And The Poet

A friend recently shared an old poem by M.H.M Ashraff called “The Buddha and the Poet”. In it, the Poet – presumably the author – meets the Buddha, and they discuss, in rather rambling verse, the problems in the country, and [in the poem] the Buddha concludes that he must return and teach the Dhamma in Tamil. At the time (in the later 90’s, I believe) this poem sparked a fury… Read More »The Buddha And The Poet

Nepal’s Earthquake: Nature, not Karma

April 26th, 2015. A terrible thing happened. An earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck just near Kathmandu. Thousands were buried under clouds of dust and rubble as their homes collapsed around them. It was followed by aftershocks, one of which hit at 07 AM, measured 6.7 on the scale and shook buildings in New Delhi. As of the time of writing, over 2,500 people have died. The bodies are still being dug up.… Read More »Nepal’s Earthquake: Nature, not Karma