The Siege of Aleppo, #aleppo and Syria’s Anne Frank

The siege of Aleppo reads like a scene from The Lord of the Rings. Aleppo, the largest city in Syria has, since 2012, been a battle point between the rebels (the Free Syrian Army plus the Army of Conquest, as well as Al-Queda’s Syrian arm).  Some 31,000 people are estimated to have died. The government forces (and Russia) have been airstriking (is that a word) the shit out of rebel positions… Read More »The Siege of Aleppo, #aleppo and Syria’s Anne Frank

How Should We Celebrate Victory Day?

Some time ago, the Colombo Telegraph published an article titled “No Wise Country Celebrates Victory After a Civil War” by the NPC. The NPC here is not the Northern Provincial Council that’s trying to split the country again, but the National Peace Council. Despite the rather stupid stab at describing American celebrations, that article raised a few very important points: In Sri Lanka, the political leadership indulged and continues to… Read More »How Should We Celebrate Victory Day?

Soldier Boy

He will remember this moment forever, even in death; the lonely station under the grey dawn; the cold, barren wind playing with the trees; the soft stink of the train, an undercurrent of sweat and tears.