#WCY2014 Liveblog #3: text editors wanted

“The meeting is suspended for ten minutes.” Gender identities are a hotly debated topic all over the word. However, this perhaps is the only place  right now where half the countries in the world are haggling over the use of the word “LGBTIQ’ vs the word “gender equality”. As http://internationalspectrum.umich.edu/life/definitions will show you, there are many definitions, nuances and not a few sensitivities at stake. Personally, I believe “gender identities” covers… Read More »#WCY2014 Liveblog #3: text editors wanted

Liveblog #2: concern over under-representation of issues #WCY2014 #WCYAnnex

We’re hearing claims of under-representation, a push from youth activists for the officials to recognize weaknesses in the current draft of the Colombo Declaration – namely, in environmental protection and accessibility issues. This is fueled partly by the IPCC’s latest findings – that the world’s tipping point maybe much closer than initially expected. As you can see, there are discussions going on all over the place. We’ve seen the delegate from Saudi… Read More »Liveblog #2: concern over under-representation of issues #WCY2014 #WCYAnnex

Liveblog from #WCY2014: Declaring Colombo – a work in progress

I’m sitting in one of the biggest sessions of today’s event: a joint discussion on the draft of the Declaration. Between the hundreds of delegates and the various discussions, organizations and agendas involved, they’ve hammered out a set of drafts which will eventually become the Colombo Declaration. This draft, right now, is in its 3rd revision – a 16-page document riddled with suggested amendments from countries all over the globe.… Read More »Liveblog from #WCY2014: Declaring Colombo – a work in progress

#WCY2014 Day Three: “These notes will someday change the world”

Day Three started off with the launch of the official stamp for the World Youth Conference. While it was a nice commemorative gesture, I’ll gloss over it – stamps are possibly at the lowest of my list of priorities in life, even lower than the mantis shrimp and the three-toed sloth. Directly after this was the main plenary session. I’ll just say this: today was far better than I hoped.… Read More »#WCY2014 Day Three: “These notes will someday change the world”

On gender equality and womens’ rights: an interview from Morocco

Women’s rights are a very hotly debated issue all over the globe. Perhaps nowhere is this issue  more hotly debated than in Morocco, which frequently sees women taking to the streets in the age-old battle for equality, and whose Islamist-led government often comes under fire from women’s rights activists. (With just reason: according to survey data from the Haut Commissariat Du Plan (HCP), an independent government statistics body, around one… Read More »On gender equality and womens’ rights: an interview from Morocco