“Prophetic, Orwellian, and not wholly inconceivable . . . the depth of Numbercaste lies in how readily we are able to envision this not-so-distant future.”  

– Amanda Jay, author of The Other One

“This is a staggeringly ambitious novel. Little eludes Wijeratne’s gaze as he grapples with the implications of emerging technologies, socio-cultural phenomena and political movements.”

– Smriti Daniel, Sunday Times 

“Wijeratne’s ability to adroitly splice through the complexity of real, contemporary world affairs and politics is reflected in his fiction….Entwined with characters that are finely drawn, and rooted very much to very human failings even as they strive for a greatness that outlives time and place.”

– Sanjana Hattotuwa, Groundviews


2018 has been a good year. Among other things, it’s brought me a five-book deal from HarperCollins (three of which are an entirely new trilogy). That’s in addition to three new conference publications, a trinity of three excellent anthology publications, my first venture into graphic novels, and an invitation to speak at TEDx Colombo.

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