2018 has been a good year. Among other things, it’s brought me a five-book deal from HarperCollins (three of which are an entirely new trilogy). That’s in addition to three new conference publications, a trinity of three excellent anthology publications, my first venture into graphic novels, and an invitation to speak at TEDx Colombo.


I decided to put in some serious effort into  short stories this year while I work on the novels for HarperCollins. One, because there’s a lot you can do with the form (Damon Knight and Ted Chiang, anyone?). Two, because it lets me practice my craft, work with people I like, and explore moonshot concepts over weekend writing binges.  

[novel] The Inhuman Race (The Commonwealth Empires Trilogy #1)
Complete, awaiting publication by HarperCollins 90%
[novel] The Inhuman Peace (The Commonwealth Empires Trilogy #2)
Worldbuilding 20%
[short] Omega Point (Standalone)
Published! 100%
[short] Genesis (Collaborative graphic short)
Published! 100%
[short] Deep Ocean Blues (Anthology: 2054)
Publsihed! 100%
[short] The Writing Contest (Anthology: Future Visions)
Published! 100%
[collaborative short] Messenger (Anthology: The Expanding Universe, Volume IV)
Awaiting publication 90%