Yudhanjaya Wijeratne: [n] Science fiction author and Big Data researcher from Sri Lanka. Spends days filling notebooks with strange ideas and code. Has just realized that he’s uncomfortable talking about himself in the third person.

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Writing progress, 2018

[novel] The Inhuman Race (The Commonwealth Empires Trilogy #1)
Complete, awaiting publication by HarperCollins 90%
[novel] The Inhuman Peace (The Commonwealth Empires Trilogy #2)
Worldbuilding 10%
[novellete] Omega Point
Complete, awaiting publication 90%
[short] Let There Be Light (Collaborative graphic short)
Script and pencils complete, awaiting inking 90%
[short] Deep Ocean Blues (for the 2054 anthology)
Complete, awaiting publication 90%
[short] The Writing Contest (for Future Visions Vol #1)
Complete, awaiting publication 90%
[short] Guns and Roses (for the Back Blast Area Clear anthology)
Complete, awaiting publication 1%

April 6, 2018: Depression, dying gods, projects in the air

March was a bad month for the writing. Many things happened, not the least of which was Cambridge Analytica and that political social media fiasco – we’re still seeing ripple effects of the weaponization of Facebook and Twitter. But I think the worst that happened to me was being stuck in a curious state of…

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Kandy, Riots and Sri Lanka’s Facebook Ban

Last week, anti-Muslim riots erupted in Kandy, leading to homes being burned down, a State of Emergency imposed on the country, and widespread fears that we would see a repeat of 2015’s Aluthgama incident. Initially, almost no action was taken by government forces. In light of this, I published on Facebook a six-stage request to Maithripala…

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