Claws and Effect
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Claws and Effect

A magical cat and a paladin set out to hustle their way through a fantasy world.

  • Date: 01 Jul 2023

Art needs money. He’s a cat. He hasn’t always been a cat, but this is what happens when you mess around too much with magic: you end up transformed and in debt.

Gary needs redemption. He’s a paldin without a license, banished from his training program.

Between the two of them, they need to survive the world - and not just survive, but thrive. From demons obsessed with penny stocks to economist dragons to high crime in high courts, these are their misadventures.

Incidentally, an early version of Gary and Art ended up in a short story anthology titled Hellcats and is also on the way to archival on the Moon via the Lunar Codex. If some alien comes across it in a few million years’ time, they’re going to be so confused.