Welcome. I’m Yudhanjaya Wijeratne (@yudhanjaya), an SFF author and data scientist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I wrote Numbercaste, The Inhuman Race, and several other stories.

What I do: I write. I research with the Data, Algorithms and Policy team at LIRNEasia, a nonprofit think tank working across the Global South. I co-founded and help run Watchdog Sri Lanka, a factchecker.  My work spans data science, linguistics, artificial intelligence, public policy, and futurism. 

When not doing these things, I argue with the cat and experiment with machine-generated art. 

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The cake is (sometimes not) a lie . . .

"The Inhuman Race cements Yudhanjaya Wijeratne’s status as one of the subcontinent’s science fiction stars."
Gautham Shenoy
"Little eludes Wijeratne's gaze as he grapples with the implications of emerging technologies, socio-cultural phenomena and political movements."
Smriti Daniel
Sunday Times
"Wijeratne's ability to adroitly splice through the complexity of real, contemporary world affairs and politics is reflected in his fiction....entwined with characters that are finely drawn, and rooted very much to very human failings even as they strive for a greatness that outlives time and place."
Sanjana Hattotuwa
"...part of a new wave of Sri Lankan and South Asian science fiction writers."