Welcome. I’m Yudhanjaya Wijeratne (@yudhanjaya), an SFF author, data scientist and misinformation researcher. I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

For more information about me, including contact points, see /about.

These are the things I’m currently working on:

  • Watchdog.team. This takes up 90% of my time these days.
  • For The Greater Good, a book on the state’s need for data, from the Maurya Empire to modern-day smart cities. As well as how things can be made much better – or much worse.
  • A novel called Origami Meteorite. I’ll talk more about it when I have something worth showing.

So, what are you interested in?


I’ve written a number of novels (Numbercaste, The Inhuman Race and sequels, The Salvage Crew). I write primarily in the field of SFF; it’s a vast canvas that lets me toy with ideas I find interesting.

My writing has been nominated for the Nebula and the IGF Excellence in Narrative awards. I think of it like my programming: lots to do, lots to learn, all sorts of discoveries and mistakes waiting to be made.

Click here to read the full list of my fiction, plaudits and all.
Alternatively, here -> are some short stories: they’re an easy way to dip your toes and see if you like my work.


Click here to read my research / nonfiction, including op-eds, papers and reports. Most of my work is around misinformation, computational linguistics, and social networks.

Oddball Projects

I work on a fictional, open-source city called Witness over at the SciFi Economics Lab. Check it out! We’ve written lore, designed cults around rational risk-taking, and designed games to let people test out policies from vastly different social contracts against an oncoming apocalypse.

I also write an infrequent newsletter called TILT, aka Things I Learned Today. Subscribe here.


I have an actual blog on this site. The use case is increasingly rare – social media is a better index of my thoughts – but sometimes you need a blogpost to record something.


The Ricepunk Manifesto
Some time ago, I tried to capture the framing I wanted to explore in my writing. Time will tell whether I stick to this or not, but people seem to find it interesting.

Icaruswept. Records of my old blog, which I ran for something like seven years. I saved some content from those times. This is mostly nostalgia, but you can read them here if you like.

Project E.C.H.O. In 2012, a few friends and I set out to make a videogame. It didn’t quite work out; we made a demo, but destroyed our friendship in the process. Here’s what’s left.