I’m Yudhanjaya Wijeratne (@yudhanjaya): writer, data scientist, general tinkerer. I live and work in Sri Lanka.

I co-founded and help run Appendix.tech, a media x technology operation that fights misinformation (Watchdog Sri Lanka), builds software to help in times of crisis (Watchdog Elixir), and fills information gaps between people and the government.

I do some work with the SciFi Economics Lab, architecting societies based on viable alternate economic structures. I also work with LIRNEasia, a think tank working across the Global South, on the intersection between data, algorithms and government policy.

Most of my published research is on social networks and natural language processing, especially on building corpora and machine learning tools for resource-poor languages.

As a writer, I work across novels, short stories and games: my science fiction has been nominated for the Nebula and IGF Awards, published on ForeignPolicy, Wired and Slate, and appeared on bestseller lists.

I sometimes dabble in using AI tools to co-write with, because I believe a [human + AI] future is more interesting than [human vs AI]. You may have seen some of my work exhibited online, like here.

For any fiction-related business queries, please contact my agent, Stevie Finegan at finegan [at] zenoagency.com and hello [at] yudhanjaya.com.
For on-fiction work, reach me at yudhanjaya [at] appendix.tech.