The Slow Sad Suicide and Other Stories
Depression, nihilism, and the search for meaning.

The Slow Sad Suicide and Other Stories

A collection of short stories written between 2017 and 2022.

  • Date: 01 Sep 2023

Blurb: Sixteen light-years from Earth, a black hole spins inthe darkness, gravity and rotation flattening it into a Kerrsingularity. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, a suicidal man signs up for theultimate one-way trip: to be frozen, sent light years away from home,and shot into the black hole itself. A dark, witty tale about alcoholism, black hole physics and human nature, the Slow Sad Suicide has been heralded as one of the finest science fiction shorts to come out of Sri Lanka, and a treat for fans of Douglas Adams and Ted Chiang.

In 2017 I published my debut novel, Numbercaste. Before that, I published a short story I wrote almost entirely in a bar called Mintage: the slow sad suicide. I kept writing short stories; to explore ideas, but also to improve myself as a writer, and to teach myself the ins and outs of the language I called my tool. Some of those stories ended up in small indie anthologies; some of them were published by organizations like the Lancet and the Financial Times; some ended up in Slate, Wired and so on; some even ended up as part of the Lunar Codex, destined to be archived for the Moon.

This collection brings together every short story since 2017, and will be published by Perera Hussein. A Sinhala version will also follow.